Heiligengeist School Lüneburg

The Heiligengeist School Lüneburg is the site of the art project and at the same time a collaborating partner.

Barbara Geck, School Director, at  the beginning of the work process in spring 2009:
The art project came to us in a phase when the school had already begun moving in a similar direction. The teaching staff addressed the aesthetic and pedagogical improvement of the Heiligengeist School, at various meetings, time and again. We developed concepts and, under the circumstances, changed and achieved a lot.

The appreciation that our school has been given through the attention of the artists George Steinmann and Hildegard Kurt, through Prof. Dr. Stoltenberg and the Institute for Integrative Studies as well as the Altner Combecher Foundation, has given us new strength to push our school creatively towards a sustainable and future-oriented development.


Fassade mit Dachreiter

photo: George Steinmann