Third Warmth Sculpture Workshop

The third Warmth Sculpture Workshop took place on the 21st and 22nd of November 2009

The workshop started with the question: How can we - as children and adults - better unfold our strengths in the school?

The results of this workshop, as well as of the whole workshop process, can be found here.

On the evening before the workshop, George Steinmann presented his current plans for an architectonic intervention in the school. The entire teaching staff, parents and students of Leuphana University took part.

George Steinmann's presentation was held in the same room as the Warmth Sculpture Workshop. His designs lay on the big table. There, where the next morning the participants of the Workshop would open up their workbooks and enter into a creative exchange, just as they had in May and September. This gave a sense of how the two wings of the growing sculpture are intertwined.

From the beginning, salt has accompanied our work. This time it was spread out in a large circle - each lump of salt unique in its colour, size and form. With all this diversity, the salt circle radiated a strong, powerful calm. Did this help us to round off the workshop process so productively?

The way we worked was not an intellectual competition. Instead we were all interested in calmly and thoroughly looking at the school life - to really try to understand it. This led to a lively searching, probing, asking, listening, exploring: What is possible? Where can we modify, improve, embellish? How? With which little interventions?

It wasn't the mere intellect at work here, but the intelligence of the whole person. This cannot be separated from the creativity that inhabits us all. And this is warmth energy. The material of a warmth sculpture. This material is not visible. But effective.

The future of the world may rest in beauty and knowledge.
Nicholas Roerich

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