Wing I

Wing I of the Growing Sculpture Heiligengeist School Lüneburg is a spatial-architectural intervention.

This intervention aims to create a space for sustainable growth - an empowering space between tradition and future. 

Wing I is conceived and realized by artist George Steinmann.


“The Heiligengeist School fascinated me from the beginning. I have explored this place thoroughly: its character and its astonishingly rich past, its users, its spatial, architectonic situation and its invisible energies.

The next step was to find out where exactly the problems lie. The diagnosis was made with the school director and teachers, as well as through personal investigations.

I have spent hours and hours, several days, once a whole weekend in this building, I’ve made drawings and notes, taken many photographs from the largest to the smallest detail – a door handle for instance, the beauty of a timber roof construction, fissures in the wall. I would call this respect for the place, and I strive for an aesthetics of responsibility.”

George Steinmann

Hofseite der Heiligengeistschule

photo: George Steinmann