What is a "Growing Sculpture"?

George Steinmann:

Over many years the concept "growing sculpture" has evolved organically in my work.

Growing sculptures deal with dynamic processes, changes, development. They explore, are sometimes blurred nd can't be fully planned in advance - as the work process of the Growing Sculpture Heiligengeist School shows.

Growing sculptures are in constant flow. Something grows, transforms and also dies. This attitude includes an awareness of the value of being in transition and another time culture. I like to imagine an art oriented towards the cycles and rythms of nature.

Dialogue is always key with growing sculptures. They are a kind of communication laboratory.  That means the artist initiates, but always focuses on communicative interconnections.

Das Werk Saxeten, Detail

Saxeten. A Growing Sculpture

photo: George Steinmann


In September 2009 Saxeten. A Growing Sculpture was the first artwork ever to be awarded the renowned ATU PRIX for Architecture, Technology and Environment of the Bernischer Kulturpreis Foundation.