Late January 2009 The Heiligengeist School receives and welcomes the project concept from George Steinmann and Hildegard Kurt.
February - March 2009
First joint planning sessions on site with all parties included.
23rd March 2009 "Education for Sustainable Development", lecture by Prof. Dr. Ute Stoltenberg for the teaching staff of the Heiligengeist School.
April 2009 - February 2010
Planning and concept development for the spatial intervention: identifying the space, setting the planning permission process in motion, applying for additional funding; finalising the concept.
April - July 2009
Seminar about the Growing Sculpture at the University of Lüneburg.
8th May 2009
Launch event
9th - 10th May 2009
First Warmth Sculpture Workshop
18th - 20th September 2009
Second Warmth Sculpture Workshop
21st September 2009 Award as Decade-Project of the UNESCO-Decade "Education for Sustainable Development"
20th - 22nd November 2009
Third Warmth Sculpture Workshop
26th February 2010
Final presentation of Phase I of the art project: George Steinmann presents the results of Wing I, his concept for an architectural intervention. Hildegard Kurt and Barbara Geck, director of the school, present the results of Wing II, the Warmth Sculpture Workshop. Verena Holz from the University of Lüneburg reports on her project with students and pupils..





We hope that the project will continue growing beyond February 2010: as a permanent spatial and pedagogical development of the Heiligengeist School and as an exemplary contribution to education for sustainable development.